Web Page Designs and Hub Pages


Mother's Day Hub Page

Bags of Love, March 2018. This page was my first opportunity to direct a seasonal campaign, and I was given free rein to design everything from the products and banner designs to the page layout itself. The final page was very successful, and will be rolled out to our international websites over the coming months. 

Valentines Day Hub Page

Bags of Love, February 2018. Working with the Art Director and Studio Photographer, I worked to design product prints and lay out photography ideas for our Valentine's Day Hub Page. A dry-run for a new method of working on advertising campaigns, this page was highly successful and has lead to more similar work. 

Email Campaigns and Templates

New Fabric Email_CDO copy.jpg

'New Fabrics, New Possibilities'

Marketing email for Contrado, March 2018. Targeting a concise email focusing on new fabric options to a well-defined group of customers resulted in excellent open and click through rates for this email.  

Mother's Day Email copy.jpg


Marketing email for Bags of Love, Feb 2018. Announcing the launch of our new Mother's Day Hub page, this email was themed around the hashtag #MoreThanAMum, and offered a selection of themed gifts for different types of Mum.

Campaign Overview _ MailChimp_CHRISTMAS.jpg

'Under The Tree Guarantee'

Marketing email for Bags of Love, Dec 2017. Launching our perennially popular "Under the Tree Guarantee" offer, this email targeted last-minute buyers in December, with great commercial success.